Mark Broom RA Podcast 578 features as this week’s RA Podcast, with some exclusive edits and one unreleased track from the vaults. Mixing up some classic older tracks plus a selection of whatever fresh tunes were out at the time of the mix at the end of last year.

Download the mix and read the Mark Broom RA Podcast interview here >>

Almost 30 years into this career, Mark Broom is an artist whose achievements can be easy to overlook. With little fuss or fanfare, he puts out a handful of EPs and remixes each year with the aim of maximum dance floor efficiency. Take the last few months, for instance. Just last week he released a thundering remix of Blue Hour, as part of a package that also featured Substance, Pangaea and VC-118A. We had the Snake Eyes EP on his Beard Man label, which included four tightly composed weapons. And there was also “One Sound,” the bass-heavy standout from an EP for EPM Music. We could have picked a year at random and the highlights would have been just as easy to find. Broom has worked with iconic labels like Warp, R&S, Soma, Blueprint and Mo’ Wax, started one of his own in Pure Plastic, and made music with respected artists like Baby Ford and James Ruskin. (As Kingpin Cartel, him and C.J. Baker also made one of our all-time end-of-the-night favourites, “Ghetto.”) Reliability isn’t necessarily a cherished quality, but in Broom’s case it’s worth celebrating.

One thing we didn’t mention already is Broom’s impeccable sense of swing, which he seems to weave into his tracks instinctively. If there’s a defining feature of his RA podcast, it’s that same style of timeless groove.