The Discrete Circuit Redial EP including Mark Broom’s edit of ‘Incursion’ on his Beard Man label is out now.

Discrete Circuit impressed with his release last year on Delsin and he raises the bar further with this record on Mark Broom’s label. The title track and the MB edit of “Incursion” are storming robotic funkers laced with acid-filled filters and both are undeniably effective. However, when Discrete Circuit takes his finger off the ‘brute force’ button, things start to get more interesting. “Divulge” is a robotic, analogue workout – the 303 lines are still audible though – that is redolent of minimal pioneers like DBX. Best of all though is “Old Kingdom”, where dark chords, reminiscent of mid-90s Force Inc and early Ian Pooley churn menacingly against a hail of metallic percussion. Juno Review January 2016